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Openline Partner Network
  Based on proficient techniques of the group departments, we have created a program named OPENLINE PARTNER NETWORK , which aim to give access to technical Know-How in use, and a partnership for better development solutions for clients.

Through this program we cooperate with professionals working in these sectors, insuring financial support and technical assistance.

The typical profile from OPENLINE's partners are designers, architects or professionals, whose activity interconnects with our roles.

Please, contact us for all details on this program:
Rua Delfim Ferreira, 555
4100-201 Porto
Tel. +351 22 519 4400
Fax +351 22 519 4409
Av. Infante Dom Henrique
Edifício Beira-rio - Fração Q
1950-408 Lisboa
Tel. +351 21 361 8561
Fax +351 21 361 8563
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